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Pallet Handling Systems

Are you interested in machine pallet, zero-point pallet and material pallet handling solutions? We offer everything from small, modular systems to large, expandable tailored pallet handling systems. In fact, over 70% of delivered systems are extended at some stage.

Fastems pallet handling systems have wide connection options to IT systems (e.g. ERP, CAD/CAM, production data collection)​.

We also provide integrated auxiliary processes such as tool automation or finishing.

Workpiece Handling Systems

Our part handling solutions are based on gantry loaders and robots. We offer gantries, robot cells and manufacturing lines for various needs based on production parameters like batch size, workpiece diversity and number of machine tools. Unmanned time varies from one to even 70+ hours.

Additionally, our FMS systems can be integrated with many auxiliary processes such as deburring, washing and measuring.


Manufacturing Management Software

Create a modern manufacturing environment with our Manufacturing Management Software MMS. It enables seamless production team-play by integrating production data systems and production machinery to work together. In case of a change, MMS rearranges schedules and production plans automatically, providing real-time workflow information to operators and KPIs. 

With our integrated automation solutions people have the resources to be more productive in their jobs.

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