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Robotics Bootcamp – A Unique Playground with Actual Benefits

The past few months were a huge opportunity for our Robotics Trainees to get first-hand experience in the field of industrial robotics, create training possibilities for Fastems, focus on R&D, as well as learn our way of working.

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| Agile Manufacturing, Ramp-Up, OEE, IoT, Productivity

Solutions for the 5 key manufacturing challenges

Based on our decade long automation and process optimization experience, our expert Janne Kivinen explains how to solve the top five challenges in manufacturing today.

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| Agile Manufacturing, Ramp-Up, OEE, IoT, Productivity

What are the top 5 manufacturing challenges today?

This time around, our expert Janne Kivinen is laying out the top five challenges for manufacturers in the metal cutting industries - meaning everyone from family-owned subcontractors to large aerospace enterprises.

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| Life Cycle Services

How best to fast track Fastems Factory Automation?

Our expert Chad Doughty lays down the cultural, technological and operational considerations that are the key ingredients to successfully implementing a new Fastems factory automated system.

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MMS 1.0 – How it all began

In this post, we throw it back twenty years with Fastems Software Development Team Manager, Pasi Kauhanen, to EMO Hannover 1999 and the first ever version of Fastems Manufacturing Management Software - MMS 1.0

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