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As Maintenance Evolves, Fastems Proves Its Edge by Entering Major Agreement with MTU Aero Engines

Customers are much more aware of the benefits brought by proactive maintenance and the optimization of systems over time.

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| Economic small batch manufacturing, Ramp-Up, Productivity, MMS

How to tackle unclear work lists, back pain and Just-In-Time production with one strike?

Customer needs are gradually changing, which has also affected the business of manufacturers. Maybe you've noticed some new challenges on your shop floor?

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| Economic small batch manufacturing, FMS

From batch production to order-driven production

Order-driven production makes manufacturing economical: the unit cost of producing a single piece is the same as when producing a batch of 100.

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Next Step in Productivity – Automation Beyond Machine Tending

MMS WCO integrates automated and non-automated manufacturing, which is unique in the metal cutting industries. It takes automation beyond machine tending.

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Six reasons to opt for Fastems flexible automation

It’s wise to evaluate not only today's needs, but also the needs of tomorrow before investing. Here's six reasons to opt for Fastems flexible automation.

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| Agile Manufacturing, podcast, FasTALKS

The future of manufacturing – what changes and what are the implications?

In this blog post, we recap the highlights of FasTALKS episode four – the future of manufacturing. What will change on the shopfloor, what is needed to implement these changes and what are the implications?

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| Digital Manufacturing, Virtual MMS, Virtual FMS

Remote learning – finding the silver lining with Fastems Virtual FMS

How to carry out production engineering courses with remote learning? Tampere University is bringing real manufacturing systems into homes with Virtual FMS.

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| Productivity, podcast, FasTALKS, tool management

Tool Management – What is it, why is it relevant and how to improve?

Good tool management is a vital part of an efficiently working shop floor. But what does ‘good’ really mean? In this blog post, I summarize a discussion between two of our automation experts, product manager Teemu-Pekka Ahonen and solution architect Seppo Pyykkö. After this, you’ll know: what tool automation is why (good) tool management is […]

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| podcast, FasTALKS

The daily life – or hell – of a production manager

This blog discusses the daily difficulties production managers face and how they can be solved. In the studio with the host and Marketing Director Mikko Tuomaala are Head of Product Management of digital products Topi Juden and product manager Janne Kivinen. This blog post is a summary of what was discussed on the second episode […]

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| podcast, FasTALKS

The Top Five Factory Automation Myths

In this blog post, we sum up the five most typical misconceptions we face, breaking them down to understandable pieces and explaining how we’ve busted them.

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