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Do you know the (true) utilization of your machine tools?

Even today, it’s common for machine tool spindles in job shops to have utilization rates of around only 20 percent. What’s worse is that most of these businesses are operating under the assumption that their rates are much higher: somewhere between 60 to even 70 percent.

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| Digital Manufacturing, Virtual MMS

Utilizing Virtual MMS During and After System Delivery

Fast and easy Ramp-up with Virtual MMS During the fourth industrial revolution, manufacturing systems and the software related to them have become more and more complex and delicate. This means that a lot of testing and development is required to create functional and robust manufacturing systems. Since we tailor our Manufacturing Management Software (MMS) to […]

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| Digital Manufacturing, Virtual FMS

Fastems Digital Manufacturing provides excellent hands-on experience for the students of Tampere University

The fourth industrial revolution and rising demand for Digital Twins is bringing Fastems’ offering into the virtual world, introducing unique possibilities for universities and other educational establishments. Specifically, Fastems has introduced Digital Manufacturing solutions as a platform for training, education and research activities. The goal of these virtual systems is to bring manufacturing into classrooms […]

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| Agile Manufacturing, Productivity

Believe It or Not – The Usual (Pre-)automation Story

Yet another day starts with a hassle when a few operators happen to be out-of-office, and the production manager needs to find substitutes. Other issues then start piling up on top of that, because new operators are hard to find and even more difficult to keep. At the same time, there are nine 3-axis vertical […]

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Fastems 2.0 – Challenging the old ways of working

Growth brings us great opportunities and more often than not it also means we’re moving forward fast. Even though growth means busy days, it’s important to stop for a second and re-evaluate the situation. Is there something we could be doing differently? How can we ensure that we keep improving as we grow? At Fastems, […]

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