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Supset: CNC-koneesta täysi hyöty irti automaatiolla

Jo tuotantokäytössä olleen työstökoneen automatisointi on antanut Supsetille kapasiteettia ja varmuutta vastata tulevaisuuden kysyntään.

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Dispelling Factory Automation Myth #1

As an automation equipment and software provider, the inquiries we receive often include the following statement: “I know I need to get new CNC machine tools to do this.” The short reply from us is, “No, you don’t.”

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| Agile Manufacturing, MMS, Software Development

Software – The New Black of Automation

Did you know that the story of Fastems’ Manufacturing Management Software (MMS) started already more than 20 years ago? The first version, MMS 1.0, was launched at EMO 1999. Since then the features and coverage of different automation scenarios of the software have evolved remarkably. The MMS product family includes already millions of lines of code, and there are already more than 2000 automation system installations globally. Read more about MMS and software development at Fastems!

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Striking Improvements Through the QMS Renewal

In 2019, Fastems started a strategic project around updating its Quality Management System (QMS). “Blah”, you might think, but this is so much more than a Quality Management System with process charts. The QMS Renewal was a much needed next step to follow our cultural revolution, which took place some years ago. Comprising of the Fastems culture was a joint effort where every Fastemsian participated and was made heard.

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| tool management

The math of cutting tool management – Level 4, save time by automating tool reworking

Extremely short tool lifetimes combined with a constant and high demand for renewed tools can quickly make tool reworking into a full-time job. So what can be done to avoid this?

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| tool management

The math of cutting tool management – Level 3 increase flexibility and lights-out time with shared tools

Difficult to cut materials, a high number of cutting tools or machines, expensive tools, short tool lives – if you recognize any of these in your machine shop, you might want to learn about how tool automation could improve your business. Our previous cutting tool post touched on improving quality and reducing scrap by integrating […]

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| MMS, Work Cell Operations

Simply Explained: Stand-Alone Machine Tool Interface Connection Opportunities

The four interface connection opportunities for stand-alone machine tool and other manually operated workstations – simply explained.

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Women in Manufacturing Spotlight: Kasi Larson

At first, Kasi Larson stood out because she was one of the relatively few women in the manufacturing industry. It wasn’t long before she was noticed for an entirely different reason: her unmatched ability to run a shop.

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| tool management, MMS

The math of cutting tool management – Level 2, no scrap or spindle crashes due to wrong tool offsets

By mastering tool offsets with a tool presetting device, time and material savings can be generated by consistent quality.

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| tool management, MMS

The math of cutting tool management – Level 1, less waiting time with predictive tool management

The first step in implementing the best tool management practices is to move from reactive to predictive working.

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