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Production creates
value only when it is running

Our Building Blocks For

Manufacturing Productivity

Production machinery automation

Utilize every available production hour of the machinery with flexible manufacturing systems and robotics solutions.

Production data system integration

In the modern manufacturing environment, the seamless team-play is created by integrated production data systems and machinery.

Production planning and execution

The advanced production simulation and scheduling of MMS guide you through the changing situation of production.

Software + System+ Services =

Fastems Automation Solution

Industry’s most advanced production planning and execution software comes with ergonomic and intuitive user interface.

MMS – Manufacturing Management Software

MMS is the industry’s most advanced production planning and execution software. It is always one step ahead by automatically calculating the optimized production workflow and necessary resources based on orders.

It handles all the resources needed for automated manufacturing, and integrates into every relevant system.

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Flexible manufacturing systems (FMS), robot cells, gantry loaders for pallet and part handling and machine tending.

Factory Automation Systems

We offer a wide range of flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) and robotic automation including manufacturing lines, gantry systems and production cells. In addition to machine tool automation, we also automate auxiliary processes such as deburring and washing.

Our system size ranges from small, modular cells to tailored systems with deep process integration.

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We offer maintenance, service contracts, remote support, spare parts, trainings and more around CNC machine tool automation.

Lifecycle Services

Our goal is for you to get the most out of your investment, which means you are not alone when it comes to maintaining the systems.

We cover the entire Fastems system life cycle with maintenance, service agreements, spare parts, remote support, training and more.

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