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Robotic Flexible
Manufacturing System

Integrate any 5-axis machines with zero-point or no pallets into one factory automation system along with washing, marking, measuring and other processes.

What is RoboFMS?

RoboFMS does it all

Want to integrate and automate various 5-axis machines with no pallets? Need to include value-adding processes and a large amount of workpieces?

Fastems RoboFMS combines the benefits of an industrial robot and flexible manufacturing system. It brings new flexibility to automating machine tools, with or without automatic pallet changers, and makes integrating part washers, marking machines, measuring devices and other process equipment simple and cost effective.

As every Fastems system, RoboFMS comes with industry’s leading control, MMS, enabling  production scheduling and execution.

Why RoboFMS?

Multiple machines, tools and finishing automation in ONE system

Intelligent production planning and scheduling software

Flexible manufacturing for fixed table machining centers

See RoboFMS in Action

Flexible Manufacturing System for zero point or no pallets.

What you gain

RoboFMS Benefits:

  • High layout flexibility
  • Easy extendability
  • Ready for additional robotic applications
  • Ready for customized integration
  • High pallet transfers per hour-capacity
Industry’s most advanced production planning and execution software comes with ergonomic and intuitive user interface.


Manufacturing Management Software

RoboFMS comes with industry’s finest production planning and execution software, MMS. Manufacturing Management Software is always one step ahead by automatically calculating the optimized production workflow and necessary resources, including tools, based on orders.

MMS adapts automatically to changes in the daily production schedule and displays information to maintain the production output.

Integrate tool automation, automated loading, washing, marking, measuring and other processes with your robotic FMS

Auxiliary processes?

RoboFMS Integrates With

Tool Automation ALD - Autoloading Cells RFC - Robotized Finishing Cells
Keep your manufacturing productivity up with technical support, spare parts, service agreements, maintenance, training and more.

Need support?

Services for RoboFMS

  • 8760 support
  • Service agreements
  • Maintenance
  • Spare parts
  • Upgrades
  • Relocation
  • Training & Consultation
Service offering

Technical Data

System Type


Nominal Load 20-2000 kg
Maximum Load Size Custom
Pallet Handling Mechanism Custom
Gripping Schunk NSR, Forks, Custom
Travel Length No limitation
Typical Pallet 300-630 mm ZP plate
Storage Height 2-4levels
Setup Stations LSC-Mini,  LSC-LD, LSC-TWIN
Coolant Management Optional
Storage Modules Custom
Machine Tool Separation Automatic roller door + Safety scanner on operator side

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