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Robotized Finishing Cells

What are robotized Finishing Cells?

Next Level Quality With Automated Finishing

Do you need to standardize finishing processes and increase quality? Are you concerned about job safety and ergonomics? Any plans to increase unmanned running time and productivity?

Fastems RFC automates your grinding, polishing, deburring and other finishing processes. This means stable quality, smooth processes and lower costs. RFC integrates into your flexible manufacturing system (FMS) unleashing its full productivity benefits, including reduced work-in-progress and increased unmanned production hours.

End results – maximum number of completely finished parts on each shift.

Why Robotized Finishing Cell?

Standard finishing process quality

Increase unmanned production and reduce work-in-progress

Optimal processes with FMS integration

Where can I have it?

RFC compatible Fastems Systems

Need support?

Services for Robotized Finishing Cells:

  • Spare Parts
  • 8760 Support
  • Maintenance
  • Service Agreement
  • Training & Consultation
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