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Manufacturing Management Software

What is MMS?

The Most Intelligent Software in the Industry 4.0

MMS is the industry’s most advanced production planning and execution software. MMS is always one step ahead by automatically calculating the optimized production workflow and necessary resources based on orders.

MMS automatically adapts to changes in the daily production schedule and displays information to maintain the production output.


MMS Work Cell Operations WCO

The ultimate planning and execution software 

Key benefits of MMS

  • MMS calculates, even days ahead, automatically the optimized production workflow and necessary resources based on orders – no hassle even when sudden changes occur 
  • Suitable for diverse production needs: high product mix, low volume, and small batch production 
  • Scales up from simple standalone work cells to highly complex automated production lines 
  • Maximizing spindle uptime and high delivery reliability 
  • No more scheduling problems because of missing tools, urgent orders, unexpected machine stops, and incorrect NC program revisions 
  • Pallet-, part- and work cell operations are under the same control – choose all or just one module for your production  
  • Easy integration of different production machinery and data systems (e.g. ERP and CAM) 

Integrate to different production machinery


Pallet handling automation

  • Production control software for pallet based automation solutions (FMS)
  • Detailed production scheduling for the entire system
  • Adaptive production simulation based on real-time data up to 96 hours ahead
  • Seamless real-time manufacturing process control and visibility over the whole production
  • Extendable with integrated tool automation


Part handling automation

  • Batch production and setup scheduling for lathes and milling machines
  • Coordinate-based material management with configurable matrices
  • Top-of-the-line production control for advanced part handling solutions
  • Ideal control software for high-mix production


Work cell operations

  • Scheduling for stand-alone machines and other manufacturing operations such as inspection and quality
  • Seamless real-time manufacturing process control and visibility over stand-alone and automated manufacturing operations
  • Batch production and setup change scheduling
  • Seamless production flow over automated and non-automated work cells
Manufacturing Management Software - Work Cell Operations

Work Cell Operations for Non-Automated Equipment

Stand-alone and non-automated machines

The Work Cell Operations (WCO) is part of Fastems’ Manufacturing Management Software (MMS) – a single software that can be extended with different modules if wanted. WCO brings unique Fastems features like automatic and predictive scheduling and full transparency of manufacturing operations to stand-alone machine tools and other manually operated workstations. Offered at several levels of integration and application, WCO ensures the comfort and practicality of a customer’s operations and goals.

Whether you have or don’t have existing Fastems automation on your factory floor, you can choose WCO and take all the MMS benefits to your production planning.

Read more about WCO Watch a video

Intelligent & Adaptive Production Planning and Execution

MMS manages part, NC program, tool, pallet, fixture, raw material and order data.

Tool for Resource Management

MMS takes care of all the resources you need for automated manufacturing. Once you input the workpiece, fixture, NC programs, tooling and material information, MMS shares it with your machine tools based on current orders, and maintains all the information in one place.

MMS can be integrated to machining centers, automation systems, ERP, production data systems and value adding processes.

MMS Integrates your Production

In the modern manufacturing environment, seamless team-play is created by integrated production data systems and machinery. MMS creates a bridge to individual data systems and binds the production data and resources together. Production data integration enables to use up-to-date information for fact-based decisions and gives the visibility from shop floor to top floor.

Advanced factory automation process with MMS

One solution to plan, run and monitor production from the shop floor to the top floor.


Digital Ergonomics – Easy to Use

for Everyone

MMS has been designed with three different user interfaces that provide exactly the right information and the best possible user experience for each user group. It is truly easy to learn and easy to use. 

MMS Dashboard —

for production data transparency from shop floor to top floor 

  • Follow the KPIs of your choice at a glance in a fully configurable dashboard view
  • Monitor your production and its performance in real time from 3D overview or machine status view
  • See current resource shortages and other issues requiring immediate attention

MMS Data Manager —

for production managers

  • Manage your production master data such as production orders, parts, NC programs, tools and fixtures in one place
  • See and manage your production schedule and order completion dates up to six months ahead
  • See the realized utilization and availability reports for all the connected machines and devices

MMS Station Commander —

for production operators

  • User interface for daily manufacturing operations, like loading and unloading tasks
  • See the current statuses of the production machinery
  • Easy access to documents and instructions

Improve Workstation Ergonomics

The MMS Station Commander has been carefully designed to upscale production operators’ work. One can adjust both the height and the angle of the screen and the small table. Thanks to the simple and ergonomic design combined with an easily operated MMS user interface, Station Commander offers an effortless user experience. 

See how it looks like: MMS Station Commander!

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