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What is FPT?

Plug-and-play Automation for 4 and 5 Axis

Are you looking for an affordable and compact automation for your 4 or 5 axis machine tool with 300 to 630 mm pallets? With ready-made library of machine interfaces allowing plug-and-play installation for over 90 machine tool brands? Would you like to increase lights-out capacity, increase machine utilization and shorten lead times?

FPT is a compact pallet automation for a single machine tool with or without an automatic pallet changer (APC). FPT features a height configurable 2 to 4 level storage for up to 24 pallets, allowing also for two load heights in one system.

Like every Fastems system, FPT is controlled by Manufacturing Management Software (MMS). MMS offers a single-view user interface with drag-and-drop production order for FIFO, and an order based production scheduling mode with optional ERP integration.


The pallet manipulator has a long reach for hundreds of APC and no-APC machine tools

Fast-to-deploy automation with reach for hundreds of APC and no-APC machine tools

FPT has a configurable storage for up to 24 machining pallets

Compact footprint with configurable storage for up to 24 pallets

FPT comes with an ergonomic loading station which enables comfortable working position for the operator

User-friendly with ergonomic, rotating loading station and adjustable user panel


The Best Automation for a Single 4 or 5 Axis Machine

The wide integration library with hundreds of machine tools with and without the automatic pallet changer, fast deployment and compact yet spacious and configurable pallet storage are what make FPT a superior automation solution for a single milling machine.

ComparisonNo automationTraditional OEM pallet poolFPT
Machine tool brand -LimitedAny
Machine tool type -Machines with APCMachines with/without APC
Unmanned production capacity1 palletUp to 21 palletsUp to 24 pallets
Machine spindle utilization40 %75 %85 %
Configurable pallet storage -NoFrom 2 to 4 levels
Variable load heights -NoYes
Order prioritizationManualQueueAutomatic
Automatic production planningNoNoYes
Order priorizationManualManualAutomatic
Automatic real-time KPI reportsNoNoYes


Streamline Your Production

MMS, the control software of FPT, is always one step ahead by automatically calculating the optimized production workflow and necessary resources based on your orders. It adapts automatically to changes in your daily production schedule and displays useful insights to maintain the production output.

FPT can be controlled easily with single-screen UI, equipped with drag-and-drop production orders

1 | Easy and Fast to Operate

To make the use as easy as possible, MMS is equipped with a single screen user interface where you can drag and drop your production orders.

2 | Hands-Free Production Planning

In case you want to run truly order-based production, MMS automatic scheduling offers you hands-free production planning that also adapts to changes such as rush jobs automatically.

3 | New Workpiece Introduction

Introducing new work pieces into production is possible in under 60 seconds with EasyRoute feature, and MMS Order Generator enables automatic production for recurring or stock balanced orders.

4 | Track Production KPIs

MMS automatically monitors production and reports key performance indicators in real time to the users – as well as gathers production data and gives practical tips on how to improve your productivity even further.


Technical Data

Parameter FPT-500 FPT-1000
Load weight, incl. pallet 500 1000
Nominal machine pallet size (mm) 300-500 500-630
Load rotational diameter

(Ø mm)

630 900
Load height, incl. pallet

(H mm)

1200 (2 storage levels = 12 pallets)

750 (3 storage levels = 18 pallets)

500 (4 storage levels = 24 pallets)

1200 (2 storage levels = 12 pallets)

900 (3 storage levels = 18 pallets)

600 (4 storage levels = 24 pallets)

Length (mm) 3900 5200
Width (mm) 2700 3800
Height, incl. load (mm) 3100-3800
Control software Fastems MMS


Whitepaper for Automating CNC Milling Machines

This whitepaper discusses topics around shop floor productivity: striving for LEAN manufacturing, what kind of machine tool strategy to select and how to feed the machines with pallet-based automation solutions. We also represent the most typical pallet automation solutions in the market and the production planning methods around them.


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