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Lead Manufacturing With Data

Factory Cockpit – Make the data work for you

The challenge

Most manufacturers lack accurate real-time information about their manufacturing status and performance. Information is often siloed into multiple, separate systems which are not integrated with each other and with shop floor device data. At the same time manufacturing environment is getting more complex and volatile. The future success is built upon the sustained relationship between manufacturers and customers. And that, can only be achieved with information transparency, agile, continuous development and seamless collaboration.

Factory Cockpit

solves the challenge by bringing together data from your shopfloor devices and IT systems, providing real-time situational awareness. It visualizes and analyzes the data, allowing you to make well-informed decisions, to lead and continuously develop your manufacturing. Factory Cockpit enhances flexibility and efficiency through transparency, improves employee satisfaction, and helps you become the most valuable partner for your customers.

Join our upcoming demo webinar to learn more about Factory Cockpit

You are welcome to join us for a webinar where we’re diving into the practical side of manufacturing digitalization with Factory Cockpit. Picture this:
real-time data at your fingertips, empowering you to fine-tune operations, predict outcomes, and “orchestrate” your production efficiency with insights and information! We’ll discuss the power of data in manufacturing, showcasing useful features for seamless integration and insightful analytics. Join to elevate your
manufacturing through data-driven decision-making!

Always be the most valuable
partner for your customers


Bring out the
best in people

Work satisfaction and productivity are both subject to letting people know exactly what should be happening, when, and why. Every bit of change and improvement costs less energy when decisions are based on transparent facts and a systemic, mutually shared overview.   


Stay ahead in

Factory Cockpit enables continuous improvement in your manufacturing, helps implement productivity gains, and solve efficiency bottlenecks. This leads to higher throughput, shorter lead times, lower stock levels, less machine downtime, and ultimately more flexible manufacturing.  



Situational awareness enables timely information sharing, adjustments, and issue management across the value chain. Transparency helps you, your customers, and partners meet the growing demand for agility and resilience in the turbulent world​.


Increase the bottom line

Ultimately, we are after improving your business performance.

By enabling people to do the right things at the right time and eliminating waste of time and materials.

By improving the throughput, fully utilizing the capacity of existing equipment, and better cooperation with partners.

By shortening lead times and reducing inventory levels.

Reasons to get started

A low-risk way to create situational awareness and constant optimization

We integrate existing production IT systems and shop floor resources to create a digital twin of your manufacturing process. The solution can be adopted in steps to meet your manufacturing requirements and the growing business demands. As part of Fastems, we understand the realities of part manufacturing and how to push the boundaries for the next step of efficiency.

Harness your data for

Utilizing your data today positions you perfectly for tapping into machine learning technologies in the coming years. As Factory Cockpit and technologies evolve, you will have a platform implementing improvements based on process simulations and artificial intelligence. Not far off in the future, this will enable you making AI-assisted decisions.

Lead a cultural shift towards collaboration and transparency

As a solution that assists decisions and ways of working, Factory Cockpit intuitively nurtures a culture of constant improvement and collaboration. While changes are never easy, transparency and holistic view of your manufacturing helps facilitating decisions and driving changes.

Fastems – Factory Cockpit

We are not just any intelligence integrator; our approach is pragmatic to the bone,
based on 40 years of world-leading hands on experience as the intelligent CNC automation integrator.

If you could see the entire manufacturing process at once today, would you dare to?