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Reinforcement of the Fastems Management Team

Fastems continues to expand its market position and thus also its service activities as an important part of the corporate strategy in the DACH region. Because of this, Stefan Becker joins the management of Fastems Systems GmbH as of 1 July 2021, while also continuing to be active in the service area, which was taken over by him in the beginning of the year.

At the end of 2019, Fastems launched the global initiative “Closer to Customer” and, among other things, intensified its service offering in the DACH region. Heikki Hallila, Managing Director of Fastems Systems, says: “At the time, we promised our customers that we would accompany them throughout the entire life cycle of our solutions. We have achieved this primarily by massively building up local customer service teams as regional contacts, which are integrated into Fastems’ worldwide network. We now employ more than 70 people. We have already achieved our goal of being end-to-end capable by 2021. And our initiative continues to make great progress, as evidenced by the growing demand for our services. This area is becoming increasingly important, which is why we need reinforcement in the management team with Stefan Becker.”

Heikki Hallila has been managing director of Fastems Systems since 2015 and has lived in Germany with his family for around seven years. For family reasons, Hallila is now moving back to Finland, but will continue to manage the company, be on site regularly and therefore remain connected to the DACH region.

Stefan Becker joined Fastems Systems around 10 years ago and has since held middle management positions, including technical manager and head of electrical design. “Having worked as a service technician myself for many years, I’m looking forward to my new tasks. I know my way around the area of focus and can appreciate that excellent service with a strong local presence is becoming increasingly important. This is what enables customers to use our solutions effectively, particularly in terms of higher productivity and manufacturing flexibility. To start, one focus of my activities will be on the further expansion of after-sales services, which will also include the enhancements and upgrades of our products. In addition, I look forward to the many opportunities of representing the company at a local level, and of course continuing the excellent and trusting cooperation between myself and Heikki Hallila,” says Stefan Becker.

With “dual leadership”, Fastems strengthens its presence in the DACH region and consistently pushes its initiative for more customer proximity.


Stefan BecStefan Becker and Heikki Hallila join in dual leadership of Fastems Systems GmbH

Stefan Becker (left) has been the managing director of Fastems Systems GmbH since the beginning of July and has since been managing the company together with Heikki Hallila (right). (Image: Fastems)