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Acquiring Virtual Playgrounds Becomes Lighter and Faster

Fastems has updated the Digital Manufacturing (DM) products that bring manufacturing into the virtual world. The DM products, Virtual FMS and Virtual AMC, have previously required a local installation with a cell controller. Now, it’s possible to have the products as cloud-based solutions enabling a faster ramp-up and an affordable virtual playground for training and experiencing Fastems’ automation systems, such as pallet and workpiece handling solutions, digitally.

Fastems - Virtual FMS - demo

With our Digital Manufacturing solutions, you can educate, learn and virtually experience how a factory is run with Fastems automation systems and MMS.

All the DM products operate on top of the Fastems’ Manufacturing Management Software (MMS). MMS is the heart of Fastems automation solutions. In addition to Virtual FMS and Virtual AMC, there is Virtual MMS, which is the simplest option of DM. The difference between the DM products is that the Virtual FMS and Virtual AMC also have highly detailed real-time 3D-models, which are driven by the MMS. The model acts as the manufacturing hardware of the system, visually demonstrating manufacturing operations and movement. It also enables you to use your virtual manufacturing system as an immersive Virtual Reality experience.

When acquiring the virtual playground with the Visual Components model, one can now choose whether to have either a local or cloud-based installation. With the new cloud-based option, the ramp-up is faster and the starting fee is lower than with the local installation. It is also easier to run updates to the cloud-based solution and it can be used in various locations once you have the PC for the 3D visualization by the Visual Components.

Educational institutions and industrial organizations can now acquire virtual training, demonstration, and showcase environments with lower investment costs. The virtual playground can be created first with the Virtual MMS, which is automatically in the cloud and later extended with the Visual Components option making it even more affordable and easier to start with.


For more information, please contact:

Janne Kivinen
Product Manager, Digital Products, Fastems Oy Ab
Tel. +358 50 4524 578

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