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Plug-and-play CNC automation

You select the machine, we have the right automation for you

You can start your investment journey easily by selecting the right horizontal machining center for your production needs. We can automate nearly any milling machine – the Flexible Pallet Container (FPC) has already been integrated with hundreds of different machine tools, and the number is constantly rising.

Plug-and-play CNC automation

What is FPC?

It is an easy and factory-tested first-step pallet automation for milling machines. FPC is a plug-and-play solution and its deployment only takes days.

FPC increases the spindle hours, cuts setup times close to zero and enables lights-out manufacturing. It also adapts to any changes in your job list automatically.

Plug-an-play CNC automation

Grows with you

The world is constantly changing, and the production needs as well. That’s why we want to provide not only a solution for today, but also an investment that pays back tomorrow. FPC can be later extended to run up to three milling machines, thus covering your future growth as well. Plug-and-play.

The Easiest Production Start in the Market

Is it easy to operate?

Fastems Manufacturing Management Software MMS is an intuitive cell controller software, which is easy to learn and use. With just a few clicks, MMS offers the fastest production start on the market. See how it works!

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MMS control software

Production planning

Transform your production planning from reactive to proactive. Instead of using Excel or a paper and pen, MMS automatically schedules all orders based on your order deadlines (also integrating with ERP), and available resources…

MMS control software

Adapts to changes automatically

…and when there is a sudden change in production such as an urgent order, MMS automatically reschedules to make sure delivery dates are met. No more manual calculations and reorganizing to keep everything together – with MMS you get higher productivity than with any other automation.

MMS control software

Setup times close to zero

In manual production, recurring setups can take hours. MMS registers the part master data, and automatically makes sure that all needed resources are available in advance. This way the spindle keeps running, instead of creating unnecessary downtime.

MMS control software

Know your performance

Continuously collected manufacturing data from the entire process develops into information that drives continuous improvement. MMS offers real-time reports – you can select your KPIs from over 100 widgets and start finding your key bottlenecks for your next productivity leap.

Safe investment

800 units operating globally

35 milling machine brands

40 years of automation experience

130k€ indicative price installed and delivered

June 9th: Webinar on Automating milling machines in 2021 – are pallet pools enough?

Time: June 9th at 11AM EDT (UTC-4)

Fastems is organizing a live webinar and Q&A on “Automating milling machines in 2021 – are pallet pools enough?”. This webinar gives answers to questions faced by many machine shops: why automate, what kind of plug-and-play automation options there are for milling machines, and are pallet pools enough in 2021. There are limited seats available, book yours soon!


What makes FPC the best plug-and-play CNC automation?

ComparisonMachine with automatic pallet changerPallet poolFPC
Unmanned production capacity2 pallets6 palletsUp to 12 pallets per machine (max. 36)
Avg machine utilization40 %65 %85 %
Machines run per operator113
Cost of automationNone100.000 € per machine130.000 € + 60.000 € per added machine
ExtandabilityBuy a new machineBuy a new systemAdd a plug-and-play extension
Automatic production planningNoNoYes
Order priorizationManualManualAutomatic
Automatic real-time KPI reportsNoNoYes
Floor space (incl. operation space)40 m2 (120 m2 for 3 machines)60 m2 (180 m2 for 3 machines)66 m2 (160 qm2 for 3 machines)

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