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November 26, 2018

EDR System

Pedaling towards success with Fastems

EDR System S.A., a small company from Madrid, faces the production of every day, smaller and more variable lots with the Fastems FPC system.

Fastems FPC is an easy way to increase productivity in all kinds of companies. The system is flexible and easy to install, and can be extended up to three machine tools. Moreover, the system is easy to use and environmentally friendly, and allows a rapid return on investment. To demonstrate, a company with 23 employees, EDR System, comments on its experience.

EDR System S.A., established in 1984, was mainly dedicated to the design, manufacturing and marketing of motorcycle parts. In 1990 however, EDR began to be introduced in the bicycle industry, being one of the pioneers in Spain in designing and manufacturing high-end components in materials that were considered “exotic” in those years, such as aluminum and titanium.

“Currently, we are dedicated exclusively to the manufacturing of components for high-end bikes through CNC machining, devoting 90% of our production for export,” says Enrique Del Rey, Technical Director. “Fundamentally the products we manufacture are: chain rings, crank sets, the whole bottom bracket, stems, seat posts, etc. We also work with our clients to design and develop custom specific solutions. Our components are used by top professional teams in the world of cycling. For this we have a facility of over 1,600 square meters in Ajalvir, a small town outside of Madrid, with machinery of latest technology, a clear commitment to automation and a staff of 23 persons.”

The bicycle components produced by EDR System S.A. are marketed by the company Rotor Bike Components (


Small lots with many different part numbers

As in all sectors, also in the bicycle industry, over time series become shorter and a lot of custom variants are needed for the same product. This encouraged EDR System to seek a system “that would allow us to make model changes in the minimum possible time and that will enable us to introduce a night shift without an operator.” The solution was the Fastems FPC-750 system.


The advantages achieved by EDR Systems are very interesting

“With a 12-pallet storage, expandable to 24 positions and 1 or 2 machines, the Fastems FPC-750 allows us to make very short series with no stops and all flexibility. We can also leave the store loaded with all the pallets and the system manages the pallets to be machined without assistance at night.”


So interesting they will extend the system

“We currently have a Fastems FPC-750 system with 12 pallets connected to a DMG DMC55H horizontal machining center, which we will expand with 12 additional pallets and with another DMG machine. Fastems gives us great flexibility and a close and attentive service.”


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