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Download whitepaper on milling machine automation solutions

Plug-and-play CNC automation

Are you looking for an easy and factory tested automation solution for 1-3 machine tools? With excellent options for future extensions? Would you like to have good ergonomics and excellent user experiences?

Test the Utilization of Your Machine Tools

What is FPC?

Fits for machine tools of any brand

First you select the right horizontal machining center for your production needs. We can automate nearly any milling machine – FPC has already been integrated with hundreds of different machine tools, and the number is constantly rising.

Fast delivery and ramp-up

It is an easy and factory-tested first-step pallet automation for milling machines. FPC is a plug-and-play solution and its deployment only takes days. FPC increases the spindle hours, cuts setup times close to zero and enables lights-out manufacturing. It also adapts to any changes in your job list automatically.

Extends from 1 to 3 Machine Tools

The world is constantly changing, and the production needs as well. That’s why we want to provide not only a solution for today, but also an investment that pays back tomorrow. FPC can be later extended to run up to three milling machines, thus covering your future growth as well. Plug-and-play.

The easiest production start

Fastems Manufacturing Management Software MMS is an intuitive cell controller software, which is easy to learn and use. With just a few clicks, MMS offers the fastest production start on the market. See how it works!

What makes FPC the best first-step CNC automation?

ComparisonMachine with automatic pallet changerPallet poolFPC
Unmanned production capacity2 pallets6 palletsUp to 12 pallets per machine (max. 36)
Avg machine utilization40 %65 %85 %
Machines run per operator113
Cost of automationNone100.000 € per machine130.000 € + 60.000 € per added machine
ExtandabilityBuy a new machineBuy a new systemAdd a plug-and-play extension
Automatic production planningNoNoYes
Order priorizationManualManualAutomatic
Automatic real-time KPI reportsNoNoYes
Floor space (incl. operation space)40 m2 (120 m2 for 3 machines)60 m2 (180 m2 for 3 machines)66 m2 (160 qm2 for 3 machines)

Safe investment

800 units installed and running globally

35 machine tool brands

40 years of automation experience

140k€ base price installed and delivered

Success stories

Download Whitepaper for Automating CNC Milling Machines

This whitepaper discusses topics around shop floor productivity: striving for LEAN manufacturing, what kind of machine tool strategy to select and how to feed the machines with pallet-based automation solutions. We also represent the most typical pallet automation solutions in the market and the production planning methods around them.

If you’d rather just talk to a Fastems representative, we’d love to hear from you!

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