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The importance of local expertise is a core element of Fastems closer-to-customer strategy, and to support our existing Denmark customers, and develop new business opportunities, Fastems are delighted to appoint Soegaard Tech of Copenhagen to represent their range of Factory Automation & Digital Manufacturing solution.

As stated by Mr. Leigh Tricklebank, Fastems European Head Of Sales ‘’Denmark is an incredibly important and prosperous manufacturing country where Fastems has been very successful in the past, and this investment in Soegaard Tech promises to yield greater customer satisfaction and new business opportunities in the years ahead’’. Soegaard Tech, represented by Mr. David Soegaard has decades of critical manufacturing experience within Denmark, Germany & USA and feels this is a perfect opportunity and time to encourage Danish manufacturers to learn and experience the value of Fastems to their business.

For more information, contact David Soegaard at +45 261 991 26