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Fastems is proud to announce that a new version of our intelligent Manufacturing Management Software MMS has now been released. The new version carries number 7.5 and the main focus of this release has been on external operations planning and improving ERP interfacing capabilities.

New features and improvements

  • Production planning and management for external manufacturing operations:
    • External operations in MMS are operations where the manufacturing is done somewhere else than locally in the factory. Typical example about this kind of operation is heat treatment which requires the machined parts to be sent outside the factory.
    • External operations -feature in MMS allows also these outsourced operations to be taken into consideration in the fine scheduling.
    • Estimated duration (hours or days) of the external operation can be given in MMS user interface.
    • MMS uses estimated duration of the external operation when scheduling the production.
    • MMS has now also special user interface for parts that are either arriving or leaving the factory for external operations.
  • Improved ERP-interface:
    • The optional MMS ERP interface has been improved in many ways including:
      • Possibility to send part master data information from ERP to MMS
      • More comprehensive feedback data flow from MMS to ERP including information about the realized production hours of each completed production order.
    • Improvements make the ERP and MMS to play better as team to ensure the smoothest data flow and synchronization.
  • Reporting of order lead time and realized production hours:
    • MMS tracks realized production lead times for all completed orders.
    • MMS shows also how many hours each production device was used to manufacture the completed order.
  • KPI summary display in MMS DataManager
    • Now it is possible to easily see KPI values from all MMS connected devices and workstations from the same display.
    • Summary view includes also OEE value and its sub-components (A) Availability, P (Performance) and Q (Quality) that have previously been available only in MMS Dashboard.
    • All the KPI data can easily be exported in .csv format if needed.
  •  Support for automatic material pallet measurement in part handling applications:
    • MMS commands laser measurement task for the transfer robot automatically every time a new material pallet is inserted to the robot cell.
    • Measurement task can be commanded also manually if needed.
    • Automatic measurement provides ultra-reliable material supply for Fastems robot applications.

+ many many smaller improvements and fixes – both under and over the hood of MMS!

For more information, please contact Product Manager Janne Kivinen,


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