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Press Release

Fastems focuses on developing and implementing its own Manufacturing Management Software (MMS), taking decisive steps to revolutionize the manufacturing industry through digitization, robotics and integration. At the same time, Fastems is strengthening its customer service. Engineering experts previously employed at the Issum plant will be used to develop and support MMS-based automation solutions. All in all, this means that customers in Germany will receive increased support throughout the entire product lifecycle, from the quotation phase to engineering, installation and after-sales service.

Fastems is responding to the increasingly shorter product life cycles in the manufacturing industry, the widening product ranges and the increasing demands on delivery times and quality. This leads to a growing demand for intelligent and agile manufacturing systems with software optimized for the respective application.

The simultaneous planned centralization of all production activities to Tampere, Finland, will increase effectiveness and efficiency in production. In addition, we plan to take our cooperation with the Dutch CNC specialist HALTER CNC Automation, with whom we have been successfully developing HALTER LoadAssistant systems for six years, to a new level. We are in intensive discussions to establish a joint venture with which we can offer flexible and user-friendly standard plug-and-play automation solutions.

With sales, service and development teams in the Düsseldorf and Stuttgart regions, Fastems will be even closer to its customers in the future.


Press contact

Mikko Nyman
Fastems Oy Ab
Tel. +358 40 587 4402


Heikki Hallila
Managing Director
Fastems Systems GmbH
Tel. +49 162 992 3343


About Fastems

Founded in 1901, Fastems delivers intelligent factory automation solutions that help metalworking manufacturers to increase their productivity. Its industry-leading control software and the capability to integrate any industrial machine tools into one entity, combined with its broad service selection and decades of experience is what makes Fastems unique.

Fastems helps metalworking manufacturers in improving their productivity and profitability by providing intelligent automation and software solutions and services. Fastems believes that strong and competitive manufacturing base can only be achieved through automation and digitalization.

Fastems has delivered over 4 000 installed systems to its main markets in Europe, North America and Asia. In 2018, the company’s turnover was 90 MEUR and it employed 450 people.