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We are proud and honored to announce that Fastems CEO Mikko Nyman has joined the CECIMO community as a delegate, and has been featured on page 44 of the Fall 2020 edition of CECIMO magazine. CECIMO is the European Association of the Machine Tool Industries and related Manufacturing Technologies. The organization represents a total of 1500 industrial enterprises across Europe and brings together 15 national associations of machine tool builders.

Under the theme “Manufacturing in times of Covid”, the Fall 2020 issue of CECIMO magazine focuses on how digital solutions can help European manufacturing recover from these times of uncertainty and economic crisis. News on new EU industrial policy, recovery strategies, industry challenges and recent developments in other policy areas, among others are discussed. In addition, the issue features interviews with two new CECIMO delegates, Monika Šimánková, CEO of HESTEGO a.s., as well as our very own Mikko Nyman.

In the interview, Nyman explains why he wanted to join the CECIMO community, what his views are on the meaning of digitization for the machine tool industry, and how he thinks Fastems is adapting to digital changes in manufacturing. All this and much more on page 44 of the Fall 2020 edition of CECIMO magazine.


CECIMO Magazine Fall 2020 More information about CECIMO here

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