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For decades, Fastems has cooperated with many learning institutions in developing automation technology, acquiring talent, and learning and innovating around the use of automation. Supporting this trend, Fastems has recently signed an agreement on a strategic partnership with Tampere University, lasting for five years. The agreement defines a comprehensive partnership, which includes, for example, personnel development, training of new experts, research cooperation and increasing business understanding.

The University of Tampere and Fastems have already jointly owned the FMS Training Center educational environment, which will continue to be developed even more purposefully as a research and development environment. For more info on the training center, see here.

Developing expertise and fostering innovation

The partnership is significant to Fastems in many ways. Strengthening research activities enables new perspectives and approaches to product development, fostering innovation. With the partnership agreement, we also want to promote the development of the personnel’s strategically important skills in such a way that it serves Fastems’ future growth goals. In addition, cooperation in the recruitment of future talent is seen as significant.

– The University of Tampere is already an essential partner for Fastems both as an educator of future talent and as a developer of future technologies. This strategic partnership agreement enables deeper and more systematic cooperation both in the development of competencies and in the strengthening of research and development activities. I believe that through cooperation we can contribute to strengthening the growth and competitiveness of both Fastems and the Tampere region, comments Fastems CEO Mikko Nyman.

Research and training to support business

The University of Tampere aims to learn more about Fastems’ business and how research and education can be used to support the company’s goals. Through the partnership, the university gets information about Fastems’ daily challenges and can thereby develop its operations to better support the needs of different companies. The business cooperation of the University of Tampere is internationally rated as the best in Finland, and cooperation models are constantly being developed.

– We believe that through wide-ranging cooperation, both parties will get significantly more benefits than would be obtained through one-off projects, says Pauli Kuosmanen, director of research and innovation services at the University of Tampere.

Keijo Hämäläinen (left), Rector of Tampere University, and Mikko Nyman, CEO of Fastems Oy. Photographer: Jonne Renvall/Tampere University

this article is a summary of the original piece from tampere university. read the full article in finnish here.