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CNC Automation for Mitsui Seiki machine tools

“The large pallet pool in the MLS enables us to run a third unmanned shift daily. And we can also produce without personnel on the weekends by using the FMS to manufacture more complex parts with spindle running times of up to 20 hours.”

Franz Haas Waffelmaschinen, a company with Mitsui Seiki and Fastems

Are you looking to automate your Mitsui Seiki machine tools to make the most of your investment? Look no more – Fastems has automated Mitsui Seiki machine tools for decades, helping hundreds of CNC manufacturers globally take their productivity to the next level. We automate milling machines, from easy entry-level solutions to more complex production systems with any additional processes integrated. In addition to new machines, we can automate the already existing machines on your shop floor.

Over the past 40 years we have integrated hundreds of Mitsui Seiki milling machines, so we have an extensive library of ready-made interfaces available. You can also have multiple different Mitsui Seiki models integrated into the same automation system.

40 years of automation

Hundreds of Mitsui Seiki machines integrated

100+ customers

Triple the value of your Mitsui Seikis with CNC automation

We have an extensive history of creating extremely well performing production systems to metal shops all over the world, together with Mitsui Seiki. When you combine your machine tool(s) with Fastems flexible automation, you can get closer to the ultimate target of manufacturing of doing the right things at the right time – all the time. In numbers, that means during all of the yearly 8,760 hours.


Automation transforms daily operations, making them much more productive, efficient and stable. Automation helps in minimizing set-up times as the next batch can be be prepared while the previous is being machined. At the end of the day, the operational benefits are measurable in the five key production metrics mentioned in the pyramid above.


Improved financial results are of course driven by development in operations such as higher utilization of resources, more throughput, higher quality and more proactive production planning. The effect in short: the production achieves higher volumes and profits and operates with less money (less stocks and WIP).

Customers and people

Smarter operations are good both for the workforce and customers. They help fight the challenge of finding and keeping skilled labor and being able to deliver quality on time – while remaining profitable.

Read more about automation benefits.

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