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Bromford Industries of Birmingham UK are, together with NCMT and Fastems developing a high-performance and flexible manufacturing cell comprising of Fastems MLS and three Okuma VTM-100.


Bromford Industrties and NCMT visiting Fastems

Lee Charzenko pictured with Esa Karppi and Leigh Tricklebank of Fastems

Just a while ago Bromford’s Engineering and Product Quality Manager Lee Charczenko, together with NCMTs Project Manager Steven Wilson, visited Fastems headquarters in Tampere, Finland for a factory acceptance test – completed successfully!

“The co-operation throughout this unique project has gone very well”, and Lee Charczenko expects his high standards to be met throughout the installation and handover of the cell. Further, Lee Charczenko is especially excited to better understand Fastems MMS (manufacturing management software) and the unique benefits it brings to Bromford production cycles.

Not resting on this week’s success, Fastems UK Sales Manager Leigh Tricklebank explained how “Virtual MMS delivered in advance of hardware, aids cell integration and facilitates pre-training and data collation”, ultimately ensuring a smooth handover on commissioning.

MLS Factory acceptance tests

Lee Charczenko pictured during the MLS factory acceptance tests

Bromford’s need for Fastems MLS and Okuma machine tools is a result of increasing manufacturing capacity – whilst critically maintaining personnel headcount, and as an experienced machinist and engineering manager Lee Charczenko feels “Fastems FMS and Okuma’s precision and quality… is a no brainer”.

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