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Central tool storage is a system for centrally delivering and managing cutting tools for CNC machines. It enables the use of small tool magazines, eliminates human errors and reduces capital investment in tools. Machine control integration enables a machine tool to start machining even if all the required tools are not in its magazine. Only the first tools to be used in the NC program must be loaded. Tool automation delivers the rest during machining.

  • Full tool life utilization

    The automated tool logistic system provides full tool life utilization. The tools are transported for maintenance at just the right time – not too early, not too late.

  • Larger amount of tools available

    If your production requires more tools than the number of spaces in the tool magazine, automated tool storage relieves your shop floor operators of repetitive tool carrying tasks. By equipping the machine tools with smaller tool magazines you also reduce investment costs.

  • Share tools between CNC machines

    It’s possible to reduce the number of identical tools to help cut down the total amount of tools used, without sacrificing production flexibility. This is especially helpful with expensive, specialized cutting tools.

  • Real time information of needed tools

    MMS5 tool management streamlines the flow of information so you always know what’s going on. It eliminates paper work for tool difference listings or tool replacements needed for upcoming days. Plus you have full integration with the FMS control, including priorities and standardized interfaces with many presetting devices.

  • Tool usage simulation

    Fastems MMS5 software simulates optimal work queues for your machine tools. This functionality also applies to the cutting tools, so with tool automation you can minimize the amount of tools needed and calculate precisely what will happen next. This also means that you don’t need to reserve all tools required for a specific job and machine tool at the beginning of a machining process.

  • Extend your lights out production period

    When cutting tools are no longer a production bottleneck, you can extend your lights out production period even further.


GTS – Gantry Tool Storage

Gantry tool storage is built above the machine tools which saves floor space. Tools are stored centrally and delivered to machine tools with a robot.


CTS – Central Tool Storage

Central tool storage is designed for very large numbers of tools. It is built on the factory floor level. There are two robots: one taking care of tool storage and another delivering the tools to CNC machines.


Fastems CTS – Central Tool Storage For CNC Machine Tools