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Service Agreement

Save your nerves and assure that your production keeps running by having Fastems

What are Fastems Service Agreements?

Proactivity Beats Disturbances

Looking for carefree production and the best possible availability for your automation system? Want to focus on the essentials instead of the repairing of what is broken or worrying whether your system software is protected against cyberthreats?

With Fastems Service Agreement you cover production in an optimal way. All essential maintenance services are included in one package, making costs of maintenance predictable. Services are planned well in advance, thereby minimizing downtime and the possible impact on your production.

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Service Agreements – All You Need for Your Production Continuity and Efficiency

Service agreement can be made to any Fastems system at any age. Preferred solution is to make an agreement at the same time when a new system is acquired –  we will take care of your FMS since the day one.

Service Agreement Content

Standard service agreement is made for 12-36 months at a time and it consists of the following:

Why Fastems Service Agreement?

Predictable production costs

Ensuring continuous operations

Fastems’ experience from over 4000 delivered systems

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