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Service Agreement

Save your nerves and assure that your production keeps running by having Fastems

What are Fastems Service Agreements?

Proactivity Beats Disturbances

Looking for trouble-free production with guaranteed system availability? Or would you like us to manage your system maintenance? Agree on certain service levels?

Fastems offers a range of service contracts for different needs. At full care level we make sure your system availability exceeds 96% or we can agree on periodic maintenance and service levels only.

Why Fastems Service Agreement?

Agreed service levels (SLA)

Exceed 96 % availability

Experience from 4000 systems

Service Agreement Levels



Fastems Full Care provides you with

  • Guaranteed above 96 % availability
  • Precisely known cost

The package includes everything – needed parts, labor and management. This means you don’t need to build in-house maintenance capabilities for your Fastems system or worry about maintenance costs.



Fastems Service agreements come in 12 to 36 month periods and include:

  • Scheduled and timely periodic maintenance visits
  • Agreed service levels (SLA)
  • Options for 8760 remote support available 24/7 and for spare part availability service

With deep knowledge of your system and experience from thousands of others, our periodic maintenance secures you system’s performance.



Fastems SLA agreement includes agreed service levels for maintenance and remote support

This is an easy solution for those with strong in-house maintenance capabilities but who want to secure Fastems support whenever needed.

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