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Our Returning Fastemsians: “The possibilities Fastems offers are endless.”


Meet Noora, Ville, and Dontez. Three Fastemsians who started their careers at Fastems and then wanted to broaden their horizons and gain new experiences elsewhere.

As some time passed they decided to return to Fastems! Now they want to tell you all about their experience, what they missed at Fastems, what they learned and more!

It is awesome to work with Fastemsians, there is a feeling of working towards a common goal.


Noora Koskinen is our Digital Marketing Manager, she started at Fastems in 2020 and she is responsible for digital marketing activities globally and the web development of Fastems. In June of 2022 she left Fastems briefly to gain more experience in e-commerce. Then her role as Digital Marketing Manager opened up again in February of 2023 and she resumed her role!


Ville Halmes started with Fastems several years ago as a software lead working with delivery projects. After Ville left Fastems he did 2 years of project management to gain new insights. Then Fastems offered him the role of Tribe Lead in Digital Solutions.


Dontez Kelly is our Control Engineer at Fastems LLC based in the USA. Dontez sepcializes in automation integration. in September of 2022 he left Fastems, to focus more on programming. Within 2 months he realized that Fastems was where he wanted to work and so he returned!

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