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Integrate Fastems FPC version 7 with a larger variety of machine tools


We are excited to announce the upgraded 2019 Fastems Flexible Pallet Container, FPC v.7, with new machine tool integration possibilities. The FPC can be now integrated with a number of additional machine tools, allowing for productivity boosts to expand even further throughout operations. Additionally, the v.7 includes a new 750XL configuration, which allows automating two 400mm -pallet size machine tools with a base FPC system with 16 pallets. 

The FPC is a fully functional FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System) delivered in a quick to deploy package. It is a reliable and extendable pallet automation solution, suitable for up to 3 machine tools, and also offers modern ergonomics with a full MMS (Manufacturing Management Software) experience. In addition, the FPC enables extended lights-out manufacturing with a spacious pallet storage, and is available to a wide range of Fastems Lifecycle Services, including 8760 Support for 24/7 remote help.

The FPC v. 7 now comes with the latest version of MMS, launched earlier this year. The new MMS offers a highly optimized user interface and a load of new, smart functionalities. For example, MMS now provides service reminders – a functionality to help operators remember to take care of both annual and routine maintenance tasks.

“The FPC has been a very successful solution for hundreds of our customers over the years, and I’m very proud of the shape our product is in today. FPC offers deployability, usability and productivity – all in one package,” explains Ilkka Saarimaa, Fastems Product Manager.


Integrate Fastems FPC version 7 with a larger variety of machine tools


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