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System Extension

What are extensions?

Extended Performance

Need to include a new machine into your existing Fastems system? Looking for more storage capacity or additional loading stations?

All Fastems pallet and tool automation products are extendable by nature because of their modular structure. Our experience with thousands of systems will ensure the best solution regardless of system life cycle.

Why System Extension?

Add new machines to your current system

Increase the amount of storage or loading stations

Possible in all system life cycle phases

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Extension Benefits:

  • Utilize existing automation system for a new machine tool cost effectively
  • Share same bottle-neck resources between larger machine tool capacity
  • Increase unmanned manufacturing capability with extended storage of pallets or tools
  • Quick implementation and planned downtime
  • Possibility to combine with value adding functionality retrofits
  • Fastems pallet automation is equipped with transfer capacity that ensures enough capacity also in the future

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