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Antonio De Michele: “It’s nice to go to work with friends!”

A part of what makes up the high quality of Fastems’ offering to customers is the accuracy, expertise, and hard work of our technicians. And Antonio de Michele, as an Assemble Technician, provides the highest “made in Finland” quality products.  


Antonio is our Assembly Technician, working mainly with Fastems’ FPC systems.


Theoretically and simply put, Antonio’s work means putting/fitting together mechanical and electrical parts, before switching on the power and letting the machines start running. In other words, he takes care of the assembling and testing of Fastems’ Flexible Pallet Container (FPC) systems, or also known as “containers”.  

However, contrary to the common beliefs (or misconceptions), in order to succeed in the role, an assembly technician needs to acquire an extensive array of technical skills and experience, rather than just “fitting parts together”. And that level of expertise is extra valuable in instances where something does not fit or work as it should, in which cases careful inspections as well as problem-solving abilities of the technicians are required. Thus, without the correct technical knowledge and experience, a technician would not be able to get to the roots of the problem to solve them. Especially with Fastems’ complicated systems, the issues for each customer would vary from one to another, which makes a technician’s job even more challenging. Therefore, according to Antonio, the recipe to success in this role includes skills, experience, knowledge, and most importantly, “a little bit of luck”.  


“It’s the experience of everyone that makes up our technicians: Our skills, experience, and overall knowledge of what we do here. And a little bit of luck as well.” 


For Antonio, the working environment plays a big role in motivating one to do their job well. And he is happy to be going to work every day with his “friends”.  

“Little by little, my working place becomes a part of my life, and it takes up a big part of my day, so it has to be nice. It has been nice to stay here with friends”.  


Meet our lovely Antonio and see him talk about his job! Antonio’s interview

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