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Summer is finally here, which also means that once again group of Summer Trainees have joined Fastems. This summer we are happy to have over fifteen Summer Trainees in different positions. Some of them are having their first summer at Fastems, while others are returning after a year or few to deepen their knowledge and to learn new things.  Summer Trainee positions at Fastems are offered throughout almost all functions and while every position has its unique features, our three experienced Summer Trainees told us more about what they will be working with during the summer and what they are excited about. Meet Ville Strandman, our Purchasing Trainee, Ronja Toivanen, our Electrical Design Trainee, and Olli Juvonen, our Proposal Manager Trainee.

Ville joined Fastems in 2017 as a Summer Trainee and this year he is returning to Purchasing Trainee position for the summer. The fourth year industrial management student was already familiar with Fastems through previous student collaborations and innovation competition attendance. Second summer in the house means that people and places are already somewhat familiar, but what does the Purchasing Trainee’s summer consist of?

“My job consists of mainly making purchases and orders and I will also help in quality matters. I also have a chance to join development projects and my job description will most likely expand during the summer. It is nice that this summer I will get to work with more complex cases compared to last year.” Ville sums up.


Summer Trainees at Fastems get to enjoy the perks of flexible working, while being given real responsibilities within the company.


For Ronja, this is going to be the third summer in Electrical Design Trainee position. But that’s not all – now Ronja is a fifth year electrical engineer student, but she originally started working at Fastems some years ago while having her training period in vocational school. She then continued working in FPC team as an assembly technician and later transferred to the design team.

“I really like how at Fastems you have a chance to move inside the house and do different things. This summer I expect to learn more about the industry and Fastems as well. My work is to do electrical engineering for the projects, co-operate with purchase team so that they know what parts they have to order and collaborate with product updating.” Ronja describes.

Every trainee has their own story of how they ended up in their position. Our Proposal Manager Trainee Olli was working last year in commissioning team until he started master’s degree studies in industrial management. Olli says that his new position is more commercial than the previous one and it brings more business perspective to his otherwise technical background, and how he is excited to learn more.

“Even though I have been in this position for only a week, all the new functions seem really interesting. For example, my job includes offer accounting, supporting sales and making order confirmations. I have thick notebook, which is already full of notes. I feel that summer trainee position gives you a chance to survey what you are truly interested about.”  Olli explains.

“I’m also positively surprised how many different things you can actually do at Fastems.” he continues.

As these three Summer Trainees have worked at Fastems before, they have some insights of what is it like to work here. Job descriptions might change and new challenges are offered, but some things stay:” It is nice how flexible working at Fastems is and how also Summer Trainees get responsibility”, Ville describes his experience – and luckily he is not the only one feeling so as Ronja and Olli agree with him. Fastems couldn’t be more lucky to have all the talented Summer Trainees joining fastemsians, welcome!