Pallet Handling


From incredibly versatile pallet-based systems that can integrate a variety of machine tool makes and models with robotics, tooling and material management, warehouse functions and much more; to highly flexible, easy-to-use solutions for handling short product life cycles, processing a variety of small part batches, and even high volume production.


The Product Maker

You design and build high-quality products that are used by everyday people or in other businesses. Regardless, your customers want the best products at the lowest possible prices. So you’re constantly looking for new ways to reduce manufacturing costs.

You recognize that integrating automation into your existing process will help improve your productivity and drive down manufacturing costs.

However you need an automation solution that meets these criteria:

  •  Easily integrates ERP, tool management and material handling systems into your overall manufacturing process.
  • Provides total control of your manufacturing process, yet is flexible enough to easily adapt to change.
  • Maximizes machine tool usage by minimizing idle time.

The Part Maker

You make the parts that make up your customer’s products. You hold tight tolerances, meet material specifications and are accountable for consistent part quality. Your customers want JIT deliveries and competitive prices. So you need to operate as efficiently as possible and control costs-per-part.

You’d like to automate specific machining processes to reduce labor costs and increase spindle time, but you live in a manufacturing world in which customer demands can change overnight.

That’s why you need:

  • The flexibility to quickly adjust your process to accommodate new part specifications, make changes to part volumes, or set up entirely new parts.
  • The ability to respond to future customer demands that require adding new capabilities.
  • To maximize machine availability.

The Product Maker required a system capable of running unattended over weekends. The process required two machining centers, a pallet washing machine, a deburring cell, and a control system with tool management, ERP integration, predictive scheduling and resource planning. The solution is a 40-meter long Multi-Level System with 18 pallet places and 150 material pallet places.

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The Part Maker,  subcontractor company urgently needed additional capacity to produce a variety of parts to fill customer orders on demand. The order volumes range from a single part to batches of one hundred pieces. The solution was a Flexible Pallet Container with 12 pallet places and one loading station, completely delivered in 12 weeks.

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