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Webinar: Manufacturing Digitalization – Factory Cockpit demo


If manufacturing was a symphony…

Data-driven decision-making is like a conductor leading manufacturing to excellence by utilizing real-time data for proactive adjustments and better forecasting. Despite data abundance in the industry, its potential often goes untapped due to inadequate processes. Manufacturers must leverage this potential to improve productivity, reduce downtime, and drive growth through data and digitalization.

In this webinar, our expert will walk you through the fundamental steps of manufacturing digital road map. The webinar will cover the following:

  • What are the realistic steps to digitalization in manufacturing? How to take the first steps in this journey?
  • How can different users (i.e. operators, production managers, business leaders) benefit from data transparency?
  • Factory Cockpit demo: platform that integrates and analyzes data from shop floor devices and IT systems (ERP, MES, APS,. etc.)
  • Live Q&A session

The free registration for this live webinar on 4th October 2023 is now open, welcome!

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