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Trinesh Champaneri is “Making Customers Win”

Trinesh Champaneri is a sales development manager at Fastems. As such, he works to improve the sales process from the perspective of both the customers as well as for fellow Fastemsians.

Trinesh Champaneri is a Sales Development manager who is passionate about improving the journey of Fastems’ customers. When asked how he’d describe the overall goal of his job, he said “making the customer win”. 

With the goal of developing a smoother customer experience, you need to be able to see the process from the customers point of view, identify their needs and challenges, and then respond to them. This type of work of course can’t be done by one person, but rather it’s a collaborative effort. Trinesh says people often assume that as a Sales Development manager he only works within the Sales function, when in reality he works closely with many parts of the business. “Across all elements of the organization, all functions, to be precise”, he says. So, he isn’t just interested strictly in the sales process, but rather how everything comes together to make up the customer experience. This is because whether it be delivery, marketing, sales, service, or any other part of Fastems, we all share the same goal: to create value for the customer, as well as for each other.

A team should ideally be greater than the sum of its parts, and in this vein, Trinesh lifts up the value of the Fastems spirit and culture:

“We really have a smart bunch of people at Fastems, and that’s really nice – because it wants you to up your own game and to work together as well, so in that sense it’s quite inspiring. Working with others and taking it to the next level.”

Because Trinesh’s tasks are so varied, he loves the flexibility of Fastems’ hybrid work model, which allows him to decide how to best meet the needs of the day:

“I can come to the office and have meeting with colleagues, but on those days where I want to sit down and focus and still have my meetings, I can do that too, so I love the flexibility, it’s really great”

Trinesh is a believer of data-driven decisions and underlines the importance of developing good benchmarks and analytics. This is part of why he’s so pleased that there’s been a greater focus on the area of Sales Development lately, because it allows more room for continual improvement.

“I think that would be the core focus that it’s all about kind of making the customer win. And so, what we can do in all our functions to support that?”

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