8760 Support


In more than 85% of support requests we are able to put system back on production in average within 3 hours. This saves a lot of money in reducing the length of production stoppages.

  • Global response, less downtime

    24/7 technical support team is at your service to make every one of the 8760 hours in each year as productive as possible. Our track record shows that in over 85% of cases we’re able to recover the system in operation remotely in less than 3 hours on average.

  • Right spares, quick delivery

    Genuine factory spare parts are readily available in Fastems spare hubs located in Europe and the US for quick shipment to your facilities anywhere in the world. In addition, our service staff has a limited mobile stock of spares in their vehicles.

  • Lifetime software

    Fastems software and control architecture is easily upgradable and engineered to last the life of your system when properly maintained. We provide access to control software updates, patches, error corrections and enhancements to keep your process running smoothly.

  • Fine-tune for greater profit

    Diagnostic reports enable you to quickly identify bottlenecks and fine tune your system for even better profitability. We’re happy to help you to improve your system usage.

  • Backup ensures quick recovery

    Regularly backed up system data is your warranty in case the unexpected happens. Good backups could save weeks when resuming production.

  • Be in control

    Free your time to more important tasks and let us monitor your system and alert in case of issues. Our mobile app allows you to see system status and alerts on your mobile device while on the move.

Fastems 8760 support frees you to do your work

Our objective is to enable you to concentrate on what you do best: Making great parts and products. Our experienced technical support team will do the rest. Remote troubleshooting and problem solving, spare parts availability, control software support, diagnostic services, systems data backup, online systems monitoring.

Our service staff is equipped with tablets so they are able to access online and updated system data instead of out-of-date paper folders. This enables support exceeding the demands from the world’s leading manufacturers in aerospace and military sector as well as tight production schemes of mass producers in e.g. automotive industry.