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Webinar 4th November: TDM Shop Floor Manager integrates with Fastems MMS for 8,760 hour production

TDM Shop Floor Manager integrates with MMS for 8,760 production

This webinar presents TDM Shop Floor Manager as the solution, and the integration between TDM and Fastems MMS for an optimal tool cycle to minimize data creation, maintenance and machine tool downtimes.

TDM is a central database for cutting tool related data such as single tool items, tool assemblies and tool lists associated with an NC program. TDM creates and manages the digital twins of the tools the production will need later on as real physical ones. Tool inventory tracks the minimum stock level of each tool, purchasing the needed new tool automatically based on the upcoming production plan.

The webinar mainly focuses on how TDM integrates with Fastems MMS and the benefits brought to the end users:

o             commissioning, measuring and delivering the needed tools in time, based on the tool requirements in MMS

o             making sure the right tools are on the right machine tool before production starts, and

o             preparing all the needed sister tools in time.


Volker Schwegler, Team Leader Engineering Consultancy, TDM Systems GmbH

As a Senior Consultant and Product Manager in the Presales team, Mr. Schwegler’s focus is in machine integration in the Tool Lifecycle Management. With his knowledge he is able to draw upon experience of more than 25 years in the field of digital data processing in the production environment and in factory automation for TDM Systems and its customers.

– TDM Shopfloor Manager with connection to the machine
– User cases and possibilities with web clients
– Tool data from the presetting room to the machine

About TDM Systems GmbH

TDM Systems is the leading software manufacturer for tool data management in manufacturing and the competence center for tool data management of the SANDVIK Group. TDM Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary. With this expertise, TDM Systems draws on the know-how of internationally leading tool manufacturers and participates in their customer projects. The focus is on solutions and services for the entire tool data life cycle. Organizing the workflow by providing tool-data-solutions through different stages such as planning, programming down to the shop floor and the machines. With a wide range of products, TDM Systems contributes to the optimized planning and provision of cutting tools.

Over 25 years of experience, development expertise and the proximity to tool manufacturers make TDM Systems truly unique.


You are warmly welcome!


This webinar is part of Fastems’ virtual seminar “Productivity Beyond Machine Tending”. You are welcome to join all the webinars you are interested in during the day – see the whole agenda here!