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Webinar Recording

Tool Management Webinar 1/3:

“Increase your Manufacturing Efficiency with digital
cutting tool data management & flexible CNC automation”

In the first tool management webinar Robert Auer, Director Global Business Development at TDM Systems and Volker Schwegler, Solution Architect at Fastems, presented the interface required for end-to-end digital tool management.

To manage cutting tools efficiently, you need a closed data loop where the tool planning is based on the current and future machining jobs. The systems’ tool scheduling not only tells you which tools are and will be needed by which machine, but it also shows the remaining tool life in real time. The newly acquired tool data flows back into the central tool database and is available at any time for further production planning.

Watch this webinar recording and learn:

  • How to keep track of your numerous tools and their service lives with the right tool management system.
  • How easily and intuitively the master data of your (complete) tools can be recorded in the TDM system.
  • How you can optimize the productivity of your CNC machining because the right tool – correctly mounted and measured – is always at the right machine at the right time.
  • How to use your production resources more effectively and reduce tooling costs.
  • How to maximize machine up-time and reduce setup times by timely providing the resources needed for production jobs.
  • How to use the tool master data from the TDM system to Fastems automation software MMS for detailed planning of your production orders.

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