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Webinar Recording

Tool Management Webinar 2/3:

“First Time Right in Cutting Tool & NC Program Planning
Guarantees Error-Free and Highly Productive Machining”

This webinar showcases how to boost production efficiency by simplifying and accelerating the new workpiece and cutting tool introduction.

The uniform TDM tool database includes all the tool information regarding NC programming, warehouse management, assembly and presetting. When the tool data is transferred to Fastems CNC automation, it can schedule the use of every tool in different machines. This way (1) the data system and operator always have the latest NC and tool data available, (2) sister tools are faster and easier to build, and (3) the whole production can develop further based on the machining experiences from each tool and job.

Watch this webinar recording and learn:

  • How to increase productivity in your production with uniform and standardized tool data (i.e. cutter 4711 is always cutter 4711).
  • How a uniform data flow and corresponding software modules support you efficiently in your planning and production process.
  • How to increase your process reliability by better tool data and planning.
  • How to simplify your tool requirement determination for NC jobs (the tools on the machine are identical to the information in the NC program).
  • How you gain more transparency over your entire tool stock and always know the service life of each tool.
  • How to optimize the utilization of your resources and realize high reproducibility thanks to tool data management.

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