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Webinar Recording | Automating Milling Machines 2021 – Are Pallet Pools Enough?

What is “Automating Milling Machines 2021 – Are Pallet Pools Enough?” all about?

Ability to deliver the right amount of a high-quality part at the right time, and to be profitable – this is the key to competitiveness in the manufacturing industries in 2021.

To automate or not, how to automate, and what kind of automation to choose, there are many questions among milling machine shops that we are aiming to answer during this live webinar. We will be also presenting a successful example of machine shop starting their CNC automation journey.


-Why invest in a 4-axis machining center + automation instead of multiple 3-axis machines?
-The common automation goals + not that common goals that everyone should think of
-What kind of plug-and-play automation options there are for the milling machines? Are pallet pools enough in 2021?
-Success story on how to begin with CNC automation

Presenter: Ilkka Saarimaa | Product Manager of Pallet automation at Fastems

Ilkka Saarimaa has been on board with Fastems since 2007. During these years he’s worked with services, customer project management, technical sales, account management and many years in product management, concentrating mainly in milling machines and pallet automation. What is driving Ilkka forward is to see customers taking their full production capacity into use with the help of flexible automation – sometimes even tripling the original productivity.

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