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Webinar Recording | Automate 4 and 5 Axis Milling or Mill-Turn Machines & Manufacture High Mix Efficiently

What is Automating 4 and 5 Axis Machine Tools Webinar All About?

How manufacture high mix and low volume efficiently and with high quality?

Compared to machine tending robots and pallet pools, flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) offer lower unit cost, shorter lead times and more consistent quality in high mix production. How is this possible and what FMS actually is about – why to favor multi-machine automation and how to manage production resources (tools, NC programs, raw materials, work holding) around machining? These are all questions that we answer in this webinar.

Additionally, the webinar showcases the latest FMS technologies that integrate with milling machines without needing to add an automatic pallet changer or an intermediate table in the machine tool. You will learn how to automate any kind of milling or mill-turn machine tools and fit the automated system in any space, including low-ceiling facilities and demanding floor layouts.

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