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Autoloading Cells

Increase manufacturing productivity by automated part loading and unloading to your flexible manufacturing system (FMS).

What are autoloading cells?

Optimize your FMS

Want to unleash the full potential of your flexible manufacturing system (FMS) with automated loading?

Fastems ALD optimizes your production through automated raw material loading and ready part unloading with a robot. This means stable quality and longer unmanned production periods.

Why Autoloading Cell?

Standardized process quality

Increase unmanned production hours and reduce work-in-progress

Unleash full FMS potential

Increase high-mix-low-volume production with FMS.

Where can I have it?

ALD compatible Fastems Systems


Keep your manufacturing productivity up with technical support, spare parts, service agreements, maintenance, training and more.

Need support?

Services for Autoloading Cells:

  • Spare Parts
  • 8760 Support
  • Maintenance
  • Service Agreement
  • Training & Consultation
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