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Fastems Upgrades

What are Fastems Upgrades?

Maximize the Lifetime of Your FMS

Fastems Upgrade is a cost-effective way to update your FMS and maximize the profitability of your automation investment. Critical end-of-life components will be upgraded to the latest technology – the risk of an unexpected breakdown will be minimized. Fastems Upgrade parts are 100 % compatible and designed for challenging production environments.

All upgrades are planned and scheduled well in advance, minimizing the impact on your production. Predictability gives you a reliable, stable budget.

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Cost-Effective Way to Lengthen the Lifecycle of Your Production System

Secure Your Production with the Help of Fastems Upgrades

 Many system components, especially electrical ones, have limited lifetime, and a failure in a component might cause the whole system to break down: to help you avoid these issues interrupting your production, we provide upgrades for e.g. power rails, drives, cell controllers, and many more.

Typical Upgrade Applications

  • Power Rails
  • Variable frequency drives (for crane, stations, doors etc.)
  • Cell controllers
  • Lifting mechanisms
  • Data photocells

An Example Content for the Cell Controller Upgrade

  • Preparation: system-specific computer configuration and customization
  • Pre-configured cell controller incl. the required licenses
  • On-site commissioning and shipment according to quotation
  • System test run
  • 12mo warranty

The Benefits

  • Secured production – risk of unexpected system and production losses minimized
  • System-specific solution
  • 100% compatibility with Fastems systems of different ages and generations
  • Long-term support

Why Fastems Upgrades?

The Most Up-to-Date Features

Upgrading your system’s critical end-to-end components to the ones utilizing the latest technology will ensure that your FMS will have the most up-to-date features on the market.

Avoid/Minimize System Downtime

By upgrading, the spare part availability will be ensured and therefore system downtime minimized or avoided altogether.

Easy and Cost-Effective Way to Extend System Lifetime

Fastems Upgrades require no heavy, one-off investments and even the older systems will keep on running without interruption with the help of the upgrades.

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Head of Services, USA

Tyrone Brown


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