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System Modernization

Guarantee undisturbed production.

What are modernizations?

Latest Innovations to Your Current Fastems System

Do you have a Fastems system that needs an update? Would you like to secure faster service response and undisturbed production? Need to include new additions to your existing system?

Our modernizations range from simple software updates to productized upgrade packages or even full scale automation hardware rebuilds with the latest technology.



Why Modernize?

High utilization and reliability for years to come

Benefit from the latest software solutions

Predictable life cycle costs

Modernizations reduce system life-time costs and create predicability

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Modernization Benefits:

  • Implement today’s productivity enhancing software solutions
  • Latest updates automatically: Open modern software maintenance possibilities
  • Match the usability of your automation equipment with touch-screen generation workforce
  • Extend the life-cycle of an old automation system
  • Make it possible to extend or change the configuration of an old system

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