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Recurring Webinar: Basics of MMS 2022


This webinar will share the basics of MMS and demonstrate how to ramp up automated production, how to choose the right production planning mode, and how to check the available production resources. In addition, we are going to showcase how to easily monitor the key KPIs based on real-time manufacturing data.

After the success of our first MMS Basics webinar, we have decided to turn this into a recurring event, so you can choose to join us at the best suitable time for you. The free registration is now open, welcome!

What will you learn?

  • What is MMS and how different user groups like production managers, machine operators and C-level executives use it
  • How to introduce entirely new work pieces to the automation system in under 60 seconds?
  • How to fully utilize the automated production scheduling and resourcing?
  • Production resource management: from reactive to predictive
  • How to turn your manufacturing data into higher productivity with practical day-to-day highlights?




Eero Siirilä | Product Manager of MMS

Eero started working for Fastems roughly 3 years ago as a Training Specialist, after working in a manufacturing company with several Fastems systems. During his career, Eero has got to see various kinds of automation solutions and production environments, which have given him a strong understanding about metalworking processes and the automation possibilities for different types of manufacturers. Eero started working in the MMS product management in August of 2021 and in addition to supporting companies in developing their processes with automation technologies, he is eager to improve MMS to serve the customer needs also in the future.

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