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How to Succeed in CNC Automation?



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How-To: Automate Your Milling or Mill-Turn Machining

Most manufacturers consider automation, but success with it doesn’t come ‘automatically’. Rushing to place robots in front of machine tools might give a slight spindle time improvement but major results cannot be achieved because some of the key productivity bottlenecks weren’t considered.

If you want to become a top high-mix machining shop and beat your competition both in cost and quality, consider your machining  process, not just machinery when automating. The solution can be simple as long as it just fits to your process. Most importantly, make sure your automation will be a useful tool for your people, taking also your machining resources* into account.

To help you to get ready for CNC automation, we have condensed a free five-step CNC automation checklist. This comprehensive checklist is a recipe for success in automating high mix manufacturing  – tested and verified by thousands of metalworking manufacturers already. Download yours!


* machining resources = CNCs, cutting tools, NC programs, raw materials, work holding, non-machining process phases, manned/unmanned shifts

5 Steps to Success

The checklist divides CNC automation planning into five steps:

1. Understand your manufacturing challenges and set your automation goals

2. Define who will use your automation and how

3. Choose your automation partner

4. Future-proof your investment

5. Focus on automation on-boarding

Go trough the checklist by yourself or with your team, ticking the items relevant to you and making notes. As end result, you’ll have much more clarity on what you’re actually after when considering automation, what automation should do and for whom, what to consider in selecting an automation partner and how to get prepared to working with automation.

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