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E-Invoicing information


We prefer e-invoices. E-invoicing is quicker, more reliable and cost effective for both sender and receiver. It is also better for the environment. Below you can find our e-invoicing addresses for the legal units capable of handling them. For other legal units, pdf or paper invoice can be used.

Invoice receiver VAT number E-invoicing address Operator ID
Fastems Oy Ab FI1507705-1 TE003715077051 003701011385
FASTEMS AB SE556218830901


FASTEMS Systems GmbH DE814797505 TEDE814797505 003701011385

Our companies can also receive invoices via the Peppol network using Peppol addresses mentioned below.

Invoice receiver Peppol address
Fastems Oy Ab 0216:003715077051
FASTEMS AB 0007:5562188309
FASTEMS Systems GmbH 9930:DE814797505

Please note that you do not need to send a paper invoice as a confirmation for the e-invoice.

Invoice contents must follow the e-invoicing minimum data content requirements based on for example tax authorities’ instructions about required information. E-invoice data should also include the mandatory accounting information data elements. Tieto and The Federation of Finnish Financial Services have published a correspondence table describing the minimum data content

The e-invoice must state that it is for Fastems. In addition, it must contain e-mail address or other ordering reference ID to ensure that the invoice can be forwarded to the right recipient for checking in our organization. Invoices with inadequate information will be returned to the sender.


PDF invoices

If you are not yet able to send e-invoices, you can send us the invoices using e-mail. Our e-mail invoicing addresses are as follows:

Invoice receiver E-mail address
Fastems Oy Ab
FASTEMS Systems GmbH

You can only send invoices and attachments that can be scanned. Invoices must be in PDF format. Only one invoice can be included in the PDF file and only one PDF file can be included to the e-mail. Other material that you wish to send us must always be sent to our company address. We do not accept paper invoices in the above legal units.