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Don’t let your software get out of date!

Is your MMS for FMS up to date with the latest versions and features you need?

Are you new to our Software Maintenance Agreement?


Get 30% License Fee Discount now!

Why updating your MMS is important

Fastems MMS is the intelligence of your automation system – Software Maintenance keeps it up to date at all times.

Fastems Software Maintenance is designed for Fastems’ customers to easily access the latest features and benefits of new MMS versions. With Software Maintenance Agreement, customers can choose the most convenient time to get their FMS system updated!

Enhanced Production

Shorten production time with continuously upgraded features

Improve usability of the MMS user interface

Advanced Fastems 8760 support for the updated FMS system (with active 8760 service)

System life-cycle and extendability

Extend FMS system lifecycle with new compatibility updates, machine additions and more versatile extendability overall.

Enhanced IT Security

More advanced MMS IT security with new updates

Option to patch FMS Windows and browser for better IT security

Updated price effectiveness

Long-term cost effectiveness compared to one-time system update

Significant discount for the hardware required by the update (new hardware only required if the existing is not compatible with the new technology)

MLS Software Maintenance 

What is included?


MMS Release notes

New updates are introduced yearly. Our Software Maintenance Agreement customers will receive MMS release notes with every published update to stay aware for new update possibilities.

Agreement Practices

MMS Software Maintenance is recommended to be included in Fastems Service Agreement with preventive maintenance and 8760 Support.

Available for: MMS 5 and newer

MMS upgrade interval: 12–36 months

MMS upgrade lead time: 8–12 weeks

Planned system downtime: 0,5–1 day

Delivery time and estimated systems down time will be estimated according to customer system size and complexity. Older system may require renewal of the hardware.

Campaign Framework 

Campaign price is valid from March 2023 to September 2023.

Recommended duration for Software Maintenance agreement is two to three years and possible up to 5 years.

30% discount is from annual license fee of the agreement. No discounts for the actual updates.