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Virtual Demo: MMS Version 8 – From Bytes to Chips


Are you ready to step up the productivity of your CNC machines with help of your manufacturing data? Have you considered developing a more proactive approach to your production planning? Do you wish to produce higher mix of parts with smaller work holding investment?  

If your answer is yes, then do not miss this demo where we present the features of the newly released Version 8 of Manufacturing Management Software MMS that will boost your manufacturing productivity. The live online demo and Q&A will be held 1st February 2022 at 14:00 GMT – the free registration is now open!


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Date: Tuesday, February 1st, 2022
Time: 14:00 GMT (London time)
Duration: 45 minutes (30min presentation + 15min Q&A)
Language: EnglishREGISTER


Webinar info

Version 8, the newest release of Fastems’ Manufacturing Management Software (MMS), boosts CNC automation intelligence to the next level by introducing a new MMS Insights view, giving practical ideas and suggestions on how to improve CNC production based on manufacturing data. In addition to this, in the live demo we are showing how to bring entirely new work pieces into production in under 60 seconds with the new EasyRoute function. For manufacturers that do not produce purely based on customer orders, we will demo the new Order Generator that automatically creates production orders based on rules defined by the user. Last but not the least, Version 8 supports economical use of modular fixtures, allowing for higher production mix with smaller work holding investment. To see all of these new versions and learn whether you should consider upgrading to MMS Version 8 or purchase a new system, join this practical demo session!


  • MMS Insights: how to turn your manufacturing data into higher productivity with the practical daily highlights?
  • Order Generator: automate production orders for recurring or stock balanced parts

  • EasyRoute: the fastest way to bring entirely new work piece to the automation system
  • Modular Fixture management: is it possible to produce higher part mix with significantly lower work holding investment?

  • Improved user interface with many easy-to-use features



Bulza Krajkova | Product Manager of MMS

Bulza Krajkova has been on board with Fastems since 2019. She first worked at services where she got to do what she loves, dig into customer problems and help to solve them with her technical and communication abilities. Now she is part of the MMS product management team, striving to enhance the customer experience further through the development of MMS. Her goal is to hone in her passion for customer excellence by helping customers be ahead of their competition through intelligent automation software solutions.

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