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Blog posts, guides, and customer stories on the importance of data utilization in manufacturing.

Guides & Information

E-book: Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Guide: Manufacturing Digitalization Road Map

Factory Cockpit At A Glance

Our one-pager includes the most comprehensive information about Factory Cockpit.

Blog posts

Lead Manufacturing with Data

Every manufacturing company has multiple data sources. Whether from shop floor devices, or from IT systems, the data is profound. However, not every manufacturer can utilize the data efficiently. Yet, it is becoming the key to success in part manufacturing. Read the blog post to understand why and how to get started.

Understanding OEE in Manufacturing

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a key metric in monitoring, measuring, and improving the current performance of your manufacturing. However, it is not the most straightforward metric for one to understand and follow correctly. Read the blog to be aware of how to use OEE and what benefits it can bring in the context of part manufacturing.

Collaboration and Ecosystem Thinking in Manufacturing

While not widely addressed within the manufacturing industry, close collaboration among stakeholders is one crucial key to improving efficiency in producitno. Understanding the concept and taking actions towards ecosystem thinking and collaboration, part manufacturers stand high chances of leading the competition in unique ways.

Why Manufacturing Situational Awareness Matters

It is no secret that the more timely you are aware about your production, the better you can manage it. This blog post shares our learning from manufacturers about situational awareness. We explore the topic from different perspectives in the shop floor environment: from operators to production and business managers.

Our customers

Fastems x Wärtsilä

Factory Cockpit is developed in close collaboration between its lead customers and Fastems team. Together, we bring the vision of integrating and utilizing data from shop floor devices and IT systems to life, in the most pragmatic way possible.

Wärtsilä, as part of the OSME (Open Smart Manufacturing Ecosystem) initiative, has taken Factory Cockpit into use.

“In a networked collaboration, it’s utmost important to have data transparency and share information beyond technical solutions.”

Giuseppe Saragò – Director of Manufacturing Excellence, Wärtsilä.

Watch the video to learn more about the vision of this collaboration.