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Factory Cockpit brings together data from your shop floor devices and IT systems and builds comprehensive real-time situational awareness of your part manufacturing. The insights help you to optimize the overall production flow and resource efficiency.

Resource efficiency

  • Factory layout with status for shop floor resources, such as machines, devices, and workstations​
  • Shop floor resource status, utilization, availability, OEE with all three components​
  • Down-time analysis: MTBF, MTTR, Downtime, Error logs and frequencies

Reports/ Dashboard

  • Comprehensive production KPI reports and analytics for resources, departments, factory and factories​
  • Fully user configurable reports and dashboards

Production flow

  • Production plan vs. actual reporting​
  • Production order progress monitoring​
  • Order lead time, process time, wait time and setup time reports​
  • Daily production plans, targets and feedback reports on resource and department level​s
  • Delivery performance report​s
  • Throughput, WIP and quality​
  • Material buffer status and bottleneck reports and analytics​
  • Machine-specific job lists


  • Data collection from machine tools and shop floor devices
  • Standardized interfaces for production information systems, like ERP, APS, MES​
  • Data and information available for external reporting and applications through the interface​
  • Option to share data with partners to enhance collaboration
  • Option to integrate with existing machine data collection systems

Resource efficiency

  • Common storage for all manufacturing related data​
  • Data models developed for part manufacturing
  • Cloud based solutions brings data available for multi-site and multi-factory installations​
  • Data model fitted for machine learning and process mining use cases

Shop floor operations

Make every day operations more effective through timely transparency.

Daily goals and targets are automatically generated for operators on the shop floor. Operators can proactively prepare setups, materials, tools, etc. timely for upcoming jobs. Machine stops can be minimized as resources are prepared and machine tool issues can be attended in a timely manner. Real-time production status tells you where you are in terms of daily goals and makes shift hand-overs efficient. 

Daily Management

Make the most out of each production day.

Real-time status for production plan vs. actual progress allows faster and more accurate production planning and goal setting and more efficient daily meetings. Real-time tracking of production orders enables better communication with stakeholders as well as timely reaction to errors and unpredictable events in daily production.​

Production development

Make sure bottlenecks are removed, and production is improved.

Reports and analysis tools production KPIs, such as lead times, process times, waiting times, and setup times, helps you improving resource utilization, production flow and delivery accuracy. In addition, production efficiency metrics such as OEE, TEEP, MTBF, and MTBR allows you to monitor your production, machine time and shift performance, and the impact of your development activities. 

Production Management

Make full use of the existing information.

With the overview of shop floor resource and overall production metrics, you can monitor, analyze and lead you production with data. You can set production targets, react to target deviations and validate your decisions efficiently and accurately. With real-time information you can monitor your production and communicate efficiently with your stakeholders. 

Business management

Make data-informed decisions and investments.

Factory Cockpit collects and combines your valuable manufacturing data and enables this data to be utilized at different parts of the organization for development actions and improving execution. Your investments and decision-making are backed up with hard facts and numbers, thus making your decisions more reliable. ​

Internal and Partner collaboration

Make data available for the right people.

Instead of data silos, Factory Cockpit allows you to share statuses on production orders, plans, and material flows automatically, both internally and with external partners. Therefore, you can ensure the information is transparent and available for the right people, at the right time, all the time.

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