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Leading the future of manufacturing

Shaping the future of manufacturing

With over 40+ years of experience as a CNC automation supplier and thousands of system installations globally as Fastems, we understand customers’ pain points and rising needs in developing and excelling their manufacturing. Factory Cockpit, thus, is powered by the expertise of Fastems, with the mission of bridging the gaps in manufacturing through utilizing customers’ existing IT systems and data, creating situational awareness, and enhancing collaboration through out your manufacturing supply chain.

We warmly welcome all our customers, partners, prospects to learn more about Factory Cockpit and to take part in the continuous development process to make the most out your time, knowledge, and investments.

Achieving manufacturing excellence is possible, together.

Factory Cockpit – What is it?

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Merja Huotarinen

Product Manager

mobile: +358 50 465 7774

Factory Cockpit Team

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