Workpiece Handling

  • Small & Medium-sized Batch Size Production

    Our smart and efficient solutions help you solve batch production challenges. Reduce setup times with our flexible hardware and intuitive software.

  • Part Processing Applications

    Fastems Robotized Finishing Cells (RFC) optimize deburring, polishing, grinding and other finishing processes for consistent output and product quality, thus maximizing your ROI.

  • Additional Functions: Automation Accessories

    To complete your automation solution, Fastems offers additional modules including buffering systems for adapting to different material flow situations. Door automation modules provide easy machine tool access.

  • For an Efficient Interaction: Control & Software

    We make certain that every aspect in the production process has precisely what it needs. Fastems intuitive software solutions assure optimum control and transparency.


Fastems is your single source for comprehensive automation solutions. Our experts will work closely with you from the advisory stage through project planning, engineering, start up and training.

By taking advantage of Fastems extensive automation portfolio you’ll have a reliable process that reduces lead times, improves working conditions and increases product quality. We individually design each system to provide the ideal workload for each machine and facility, whether the job is simple or complex.

And if you require something unusual, such as a handling solution for workpieces with unique dimensions and weights, bring it to Fastems. We love a good challenge.

Fastems: Keeping you in control of your process.