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Now you can expand the benefits of FMS to a wider range of value-adding production devices.



Fastems RoboFMS combines the benefits of an industrial robot and a flexible manufacturing system to enable greater automation of a wide range of production devices. RoboFMS brings new flexibility to automating machine tools, with or without automatic pallet changers, and makes integrating parts washers, marking machines, measuring devices and other process equipment simple and cost effective.

  • Excellent floor space utilization

    RoboFMS gives you considerable freedom for workshop layout design. You can install the robot in a stationary location or on a linear track, and position devices and buffer storage where needed.

  • Total logistics management

    RoboFMS makes it possible to integrate your material logistics flow and billets with your FMS for automatic, just-in-time delivery.

  • Combine Several Device Types

    Now have machine tools, finishing cells, measuring devices, and your complete logistic chain under one automation system.

  • Improved reach and accuracy

    Adding an industrial robot opens up new possibilities for handling difficult to reach production equipment and zero point fixturing. It also provides excellent operator clearance for these devices.

  • Lights out production

    With an optimum quantity of pallets stored, an assisting control system and proven high reliability, RoboFMS is ideal for unattended operation.

  • Complete FMS control

    RoboFMS is equipped with MMS5, the industry’s leading FMS control. MMS5 ensures seamless device and system integration, NC, fixture and tool management.


The Fastems MMS is the industry’s most versatile FMS control. MMS is an open, machine tool independent system that does not require separate software for NC program, tool, material or workshop production order management. Plus, MMS provides complete manufacturing information transparency.

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