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RoboCell ONE –
Mastering Heavy Work Pieces
in Different Batch Sizes

Fastems RoboCell ONE automates 2 machine tools

What is RoboCell ONE?

Highly productive for different batch sizes and a wide range of different components

The Fastems RoboCell ONE sets new standards in relation to extremely adaptable – and consequently flexible – machining, in particular of heavy workpieces within batches of different sizes.

The easy-to-configure robot cell is primarily designed for handling heavy workpieces weighing up to 80 kg and for automating up to two machine tools of the same type (lathe or milling machine).

The solution consequently comes into its own at the point where existing automation systems reach their limits solely due to the maximum
weight of the workpiece.


Why RoboCell ONE?

Easy automation of up to two machine tools with
a single robot

Handling possible even for heavier workpieces
up to 80 kg

Configuration during primary processing time without special knowledge of robots

Fastems RoboCell ONE gripping a workpiece

What you gain

Winning advantages

  • Strong performance, particularly on two machine tools of the same type (lathe or milling machine), since the robot can move on a linear axis between the two machines
  • Easy accessibility of machine tools and tool magazine for manual operations thanks to flexible cell layout
  • Easy to uncouple either of the two machine tools without affecting the ongoing process
  • Connection of a second machine to the cell possible at a later time
  • Automated gripper change system for equipping the robot with single, double or special grippers (optional)
  • Increased productivity through optional integration of additional processes, such as integration of a measuring machine or a marking system
Fastems RoboCell ONE with intelligent control software MMS

Hardware meets software

Thanks MMS –
High productivity and flexibility for part families in varying batch sizes

  • Simple setup of new parts with parametrical programming and without special knowledge of robots
  • Intuitive MMS user interface for fast and easy creation of new part master data and orders
  • Detailed planning of production in real time
  • Powerful reporting features for improved transparency and prompt reactions to problems, bottlenecks or excess capacities
  • Completion forecasts for production orders
  • Information about impending required retooling processes
Fastems RoboCell ONE with workpiece trolleys


Scope of delivery for basic cells

  • Robot on linear axis
  • Control:
    MMS – Manufacturing Management Software
    Touch Operation Panel
    Including remote connection
    Integrated switch cabinet
  • Up to five material stations, such as trolleys or pallet
    (each 1.200 x 800 mm)
  • Cell housing:
    Including access doors to the material stations
    Maintenance unit accessible from the outside
Fastems RoboCell ONE features automatic gripper changes

Learn more


  • Automatic gripper switching system
  • Standard gripper kits
  • Gripper finger sets in various designs
  • Gripper rack (max. six spaces)
  • Additional features for the MMS, such as connection
    to the ERP system or PPS
  • Selection of material stations (max. five spaces),
    such as trolleys or EURO pallets
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Services for

RoboCell ONE

  • 8760 support
  • Service agreements
  • Maintenance
  • Spare parts
  • Upgrades
  • Relocation
  • Training & Consultation
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